The materials can be broadly divided into two types: natural turf venues with artificial turf venue for the football field on the ground floor. Domestic use mostly natural turf venues, natural turf venue after each schedule should be carried out the rolling, replanting and irrigation conservation work, but also fertilization and closure after the end of the entire race, to lawn damaged part date back to normal, so that you can not be a good play the playing ground potential function; problems due to a lot of use combined with dry weather conditions, causing the grass almost completely death topsoil exposed in case of rain, muddy, dusty dry again security, space utilization, flexibility and appearance is poor, not only use up large at the same time is not easy to repair and maintenance work; contrast.

VIVATURF developed artificial turf venues due to safety, environmental protection, multi-purpose "design concepts, has a wholly material breathable permeable the turf surface recyclable system, non-toxic to the human body, filled with clean turf surface layer, a high proportion of silica sand and rubber particles, appropriate stretch when used without any climate situation water permeability, the advantages of less maintenance, in order to maximize the long security and utilization.

The tennis courts are generally divided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor. Indoor stadium ground commonly polyurethane, acrylic, or mobile-plastic material. VIVATURF tennis courts ground surface series, many kinds, the material is stable and durable, easy to maintain, and a wide range of application. Outdoor venues also divided into two kinds of fast ball and slow pitch. Turf field faster field, land for the slow field. The VIVIATURF Company’s products range from between breathable permeable, weather, construction clean surface layer silicon sand filled closer to natural lawn.

The lawn of the golf course is an important part of its venues, special to the turf. Depending on the purpose of (sub-major international competitions, general competition, training grounds and club activities, etc.), different quality requirements and economic strength, different requirements turf, golf courses are generally built on the gentle slope of the foothills of open lawn, accounting land area of about 60 hectares large venues throughout the lawn requirements are not the same, such as the tee at the lawn to require renewable strong, durable; Handicap buy artificial grassrequirements covering the ground, fine texture, the grass surface evenly flat smooth; fairway at the lawn requires certain traffic tolerance, maintenance work is very large. VIVIATURF company developed the artificial turf is not only to meet the special requirements of the entire golf course lawn, but also solve the problem of maintenance work, artificial turf, under normal circumstances, do not need special care, in case of rain permeability, and provided the original seven years of free maintenance and high protection.