Artificial grass surface is a nice sport and excellent alternative to natural grass in areas with climates such as in Finland. It is a flat, stable, the ball bounces off of it very well and users appreciate the unchanging conditions of play and training that it offers.

All our products are manufactured in our modern plant in Kalahari, South Ostrobothnia, by our highly qualified staff. The use of the latest technology has allowed us to shorten lead times and optimize our efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. To ensure the best quality of our products, we work only with the industry's leading and most experienced suppliers of raw materials.

Salted believes in continuous development, working closely with athletes, suppliers of raw materials and leading European research laboratories. Together we aim to find the best possible playing conditions at all times. Our artificial turf has been tested in accordance with the standards of FIFA and other global standards and local levels. Our best grass surfaces have received certificates FIFA and FIFA Star 1 Star second

The advantages of artificial turf

+ Friendly players
+ Safe
+ Great for both training and professional competitions
+ Allows you to play all year round in all weather conditions (artificial grass has a very good permeability)
+ Strong and durable, you can play it more important than natural grass
+ Requires fewer treatments, so it is cheaper to maintain.
+ Artificial grass has many advantages, including soft, smooth and flat surface and good performance rebound the ball rolling
+ Less damage and injury as a stable artificial grass playing field.

Quality control and testing

To make our products even more user-friendly, to keep testing new types of grassland in our laboratory, equipped with testing equipment to measure all the important parameters of artificial lawn, such as UV resistance, strength (i.e. Leesport) and tensile strength. Diligently follow the latest trends in the industry, and every year we introduce a new type of grass on the market. Our equipment allows us to include research to compare different methods of care or held as filling material properties change over time. Salted Leesport device uses a length of 15m, which allows for an accurate description of the use of different types of grassland.