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- We are creating an artificial turf football field . With sincere services and products both before and after the sale.

- We are an importer of artificial grass . Production of European quality . America and Australia.

- We have a team from abroad. Allows for the installation of artificial turf at the highest quality.

- We can give you a marketing plan . To help you make the real difference .

- And we know the management system within the field. I own turf football field as well as for you.

The standpoint of business with sincerity and honesty of the company under a policy that “LANDON …. We serve the high Quality” , in the selection of our products . You can be assured of quality and professional service to the success of our work in accordance with international standards. From upstream to downstream process from selecting supplier in supply chain by considering the primary consideration is the quality of the environment . Up to the design process. Structural and civil . The groundwork , drainage system , installation, after-sales service . Warranty and maintenance. Shall have the undesirable business to help keep you invested. It can pay for itself according to your investment plan is set out . That means you can have the peace of mind a warranty on our products and our services there.


- Marketing Consultant Service.

In addition to quality and service. Your business can be defined as a payback . We also have a team of talented marketing planning . To help drive and allows you to pay for itself faster than the one with a marketing consultant from the team ‘s marketing LANDON who are willing to give advice and planning promotions to our customers , all as a part of . team marketing in your business. Not only the quality of our artificial grass systems . But to our customers a payback on their investment and make a profit quickly and long lasting. There is one more thing to our success.

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Artificial grass S50431 for soccer/football field

Artificial grass S50431

Artificial grass S50431

S50431(Professional Soccer/Football Artificial Grass)


Natural appearance

Made of FIFA approved Ms Pro yarn

With strong stem in the middle of yarns

 Diamond shaped monofilament

Excellent durability and resilience

Strong color-fastness


 Pile height  20-65mm
 Yarn weight  12500 Dtex
 Yarn type  PE / Monofilament / 6 F
 Color  Bi-color(Mixed)
 Guarantee  10-12 years

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Melting points of artificial grass

Melting points of artificial grass
Fire and hot objects must be kept away from the artificial turf. The artificial turf is made of high quality plastic, which melts on contact with flames or hot objects.
If by mistake but once a melting point occur, you can repair this place. In this case, a piece is cut from the used artificial grass and a new piece.
It is recommended to pick up some trimmings that are left over after installation separately. In this way, you always have material for possible repairs in the correct color.
Before you fix the appropriate place, we recommend you to check with your insurance about the possibilities, whether and to what extent this damage, it should not fall under the warranty scope, may be worn.

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The new generation turf

The new generation turf

An even more direct reference to the artificial turf indoor football , the third in the league , the sports venue Bauer Polytan . Meanwhile, construction manager Leif Salitter ensures the right pad in the Granular – hall, where the finals will be played . “We are here for the first time and will interpret a new generation of artificial turf ,” says Salitter . The peculiarity in the Körnig Hall – the artificial turf , the installation takes eight to ten hours is filled with granules and can be dismantled and re-used after the final whistle .

In addition to the newcomers to the long -term partner looking forward to the start of the big shindig , the AOK North -West, the branch manager John Loehr emphasized : “We have long been working with the FLVW and continue to do so in Dortmund for the city championship. we draw the best fan groups with two 500 – euro prices and thus support the youth work in the clubs. ” Mood and anticipation are so excellent, the stage is set for the draw for the 30 City championship .

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The distribution of synthetic turf

TurfSoccer is a company specialized in the distribution of synthetic turf.
We select our range of artificial grass among the greatest European and foreign manufacturers, with particular emphasis on the quality and composition of our produits. Tous our lawns are tested by an independent laboratory for heavy metals and allergens to you ensure the cleanest possible synthetic turf.

Synthetic grass – green
The factories that make our artificial turf are ISO 9001 and ISO 14100 and meet the European CEN and AFNOR standards , and constantly new innovations to ensure you develop better products.

Artificial turf is specially developed to give your landscaping a unique , natural and permanent record.

Whether Balcony , Roof Terrace, Garden, Children’s Children’s Games , pool, synthetic turf TurfSoccer meet the requirements of your projets.Garantis 10 years, our products are resistant to tearing fibers, UV , chlorine (or bleach) and ensure optimal drainage through the permeability of shoes , even in heavy rain.

Artificial turf TurfSoccer can be installed on any type of surface , places places, in the garden, around the pool or jacuzzi , a terrace cafe or restaurant.
We also specialize in the distribution of kits golf synthetic grass : in the office, at home, alone or with friends transform your room or garden area of interactive play and take pleasure in your favorite sport.

TurfSoccer is also a partner of choice for searching for specific grass for indoor football, turf weighted or not weighted , and can also offer you turnkey projects.

If you own land or indoor football indoor football, we have a solution for maintaining your football pitches to always provide a fun to play for your customers artificial turf and keep ahead of your competitors.

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